Our Services Include:

Lighted Sign Repair
Missing Lights on Illuminated Signs? Common channel letter problems include missing lights and flickering. At SignsPlus, we have expert installers who can diagnose the problem and provide a solution.

We fix transformers, wiring, neon, or LED lights.

Sign Restoration/Replacement of Non-Illuminated Signs
The effects of the sun's heat and the outside elements can cause signs to be faded or worn down. SignsPlus will be able to provide customers with cost-effective recommendations to make your sign looking new.

Sign Installation and Removal
Whether you are opening, closing or relocating your business, your signs need to be relocated as well. We perform sign relocations that cater from small to large signs. Below is a sign removed for a recently closed location in Yucca Valley, CA.


Cleaning up Images (Vectorizing Artwork)
SignsPlus often prints very large images. Often times, images and artwork become blurry when enlarged. Our company uses advanced software to trace and give logs the sharp and professional look.

Here's a comparison of an old image restored to a high resolution image.  

Save money by using your existing signs.

  • Window graphic repair
  • Existing sign/banner phone number replacement
  • Replace an acrylic sign in a monument